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Your brand on our enterprise level mobile marketing application. Resell and bill your clients as if it were your own.

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Every Type of SMS Campaign

Text2Win, Text Data Capture, Keyword Campaigns, Text2Screen, Trivia, and much more.

every SMS campaign is available in our reseller mobile marketing platform application

Resell Mobile Websites/Apps & Email

The Industry's best Mobile Website/app builder with thousands of configurations at your finger tips.  Plus a Robust email application to upsell to your mobile marketing clients.

sms reseller program complete with mobile websites and apps

Friday we are signing up 4 locations... Monday we have an appointment to finish the sign up process for another restaurant. We look at a restaurant as a $100 monthly profit center. 100 of those is a game changer.And now to realize the potential for adding resellers?  Very cool stuff and you guys are always making sure our questions are answered quickly and correctly.

Kieran Murry
CEO, Mobile Marketing Partner

Your pre-preparation for this meeting was quite evident and second only to your industry knowledge and expertise.  You adapted your presentation to make it relevant, stimulating, and engaging for our mutual prospect, and in the end, that’s what won the day.  My contact called me back after the tele-conference and said, “Jeff, I’m gonna be honest with you.  You guys blew me away.  I can’t tell you how much I appreciated today’s meeting..  You’re a diamond in the rough”.  AvidMobile, the credit goes to you.”

Jeff Thomlin
President, Mobile Marketing Partner

Feature Rich

Resell A full-featured mobile marketing suite complete with SMS messaging, a mobile website builder, a kiosk creator and much more.

The Franchise Model


When you scale up the cost scales down. Check out our reseller pricing guide to see why our rates are the most competitive.

Our On-Demand reseller Mobile Marketing Certification courses provide you a proven model of success.

Kiosk Builders

Mobile campaigns build databases faster when you provide your customers with tablet landing pages that can be built in seconds.

kiosks make your mobile marketing reseller program rock

Integrated Billing and CRM

Manage Resellers and Clients easily and bill them right from your white labeled mobile marketing application.

bill your resellers and clients in the mobile marketing application

More Programs and Technology

Proprietary Real Estate Programs, Virtual Business Card Apps, Demo Apps, and much more.

real estate mobile marketing white label reseller
resell mobile marketing business with avidmobile

The Most Features, Best Pricing, and Greatest Support all in one Online Tool that YOU can Resell!   All that's left to do is start your account today for Free, build a demo, and start closing sales.  All before you make a single dollar investment!

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mobile coupons white label reseller program

One-Time Redemption Coupons

White-labeled mobile coupons that work like Groupons. Your clients will Love how easy they are to setup.

Plus get an instant PDF Download of our Full Pricing and Features Guide. No credit card required.

See a live example right on your phone.

Type your mobile number we'll send you an instant text-message with an example Mobile Coupon and Mobile Website.

You will receive instant credentials and can login and use the application, build demos, and close clients!

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What exactly do you get?

When submitting information you instantly get access to our application in which you can resell.  Plus you will receive our Full pricing PDF document for your review.  Why Wait?  Get started Mobile Marketing now.

  • Get an Instant email with a username and password
  • See our SMS Wholesale Price Points
  • Login and create mobile marketing campaigns in minutes
  • Build a mobile app or mobile coupon with our tools
  • Create a Kiosk and opt-in to a mobile marketing campaign you create
  • and so much more
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